Rhubarb leaves are so big and defined that I wanted to try using them as a mold for an organic pot.

After covering a large bowl with a plastic bag I laid the leaves inside and sprayed with cooking oil.

Then filled the pot with a very coarse mixture of sand, dirt, rocks, cement and water and laid a smaller bowl covered with a plastic bag inside.

After a couple of days it was ready to be un-molded, a job I thought would be fun!

Un-molding wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped because the veins got embedded in the cement mixture and it took a long time to remove them.


Eventually it required tweezers and a wire brush to get the deeper veins out!


The finished result looked great though. Next time need to go heavier on the cooking oil spray to help release mold.


It was then chosen at a workshop to make a succulent garden and lived happily ever after.


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